Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Canadian Looney Tunes Money

It seems that our neighbors to the north have developed quite a sense of humor about their coinage. First came the Loonie, a one dollar coin with the picture of a Loon on one side. Using that design was something of an accident, but the Canadian public has embraced the coin, and christened it the Loonie (rhymes with Mulroney).

When they introduced a two dollar coin some years later, it had a Polar Bear on the reverse side. Since "bearly" doesn't really sound right, it became the twonie, which quickly morphed into toonie. Fortunately, no one seriously went for the name doubloonie, though some call it The Queen with the Bear Behind.

Now comes their 2004 commemorative 25 cent piece with a moose. Canada has had a moose on various coins in the past, but not like this. Designed by an 11 year old boy from British Columbia, this may be the first coin issued with a likeness of a particular moose. Specifically, one Bullwinkle J. Moose. Can a Flying Squirrel coin be far behind?


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