Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Blue Moon

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Maybe it's because we had a Blue Moon last week, but several outbreaks of intelligent behavior have been spotted in the media.

Nanosys Inc., a nanotechnology startup, announced that they will withdraw their plan to float an initial public offering, possibly as early as this week. Since they have no commercially available products, weak revenue and no profits this seems exceedingly rational. Not at all what we expect from a high tech IPO.

Even the government is having attacks of rationality. In a rare move, the FCC ruled in favor of TiVo's planned TiVoToGo mobile content system, which will let TiVo users to send videos to up to 10 other users who have the right digital keys. It probably means that you can even make legal backups. Gasp! They overruled the RIAA, MPAA, and the NFL, who opposed the plan. The NFL seems to be worried about selling tickets in Buffalo in December. Remember when the MPAA's infamous Jack Valenti proclaimed in 1983: "The VCR is to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston strangler is to the woman home alone." Don't expect this ruling to really settle anything.


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