Thursday, September 23, 2004

Best Gadget Bag For Men

Engadget has an interesting thread on The Best Gadget Bag for men. Since I have been fixated since an early age on Batman's utility belt and other compartmentalized storage totes, I dug right into this. In my typical compulsive manner, I looked up every item referenced at the time I checked the thread. Here are some observations:
  • Engadget readers have some strange tastes. (This is news?)
  • Comments without links are a PITA, and either laziness or rudeness by the poster.
  • Lots of Duplicate Duplicate comments.
  • Most of the product websites showed useless pictures that don't show details or features. Do people buy this stuff blind? (Rhetorical question.)
  • Black-on-black pix that conceal features they are trying to show.
  • Sites that list bare dimensions for a bag, but don't mention if it has one compartment, or fifty.
  • I stumbled on some bags by Trager, which no one even mentioned!
Based on what I found, here are the ones that resonated most closely with my Batman fetish:

RoadWired MegaMedia BagMaxpedition Proteus PackTrager Saddle Expandable



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