Monday, September 13, 2004

Kerry Lies

I've been observing politics long enough that I expect politicians to lie. After all, my definition of a "good politician" is one who stays bought. But at the presidential level, I don't expect them to be blatant and obvious about it.

The first major Kerry lie I spotted was when he accused Bush of cutting VA funding, when in fact Bush had increased the budget. Then there is the whole controversy about his war record, his voting record, his claims about the war in Iraq, jobs, and his claims to be/have been vice-chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Now he's ranting about the Assault Weapons ban, claiming that not renewing it aids terrorists! Have you noticed all the terrorists shopping in local gun stores lately?

Kerry claims to be pro-gun and pro-hunting. He even accepted a gift of a Remington 11-87 at a recent visit to Remington's factory. It's interesting to note that the shotgun in question would be banned as an assault weapon under the renewal legislation he claims to want! Kerry may also have been in violation of existing Federal and Massachusetts laws when he accepted the gun.

I have no illusions about Bush being a paragon of truthfulness, but at least he isn't flaunting it in our faces.


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