Thursday, December 23, 2004

If At First You Don't Succeed....

...keep working the system until you get a result you like.

After paying for an unprecedented manual recount of the votes in the Washington State Governor's election, the Democrats finally got the result they wanted. Christine Gregoire pulled ahead by all of 10 votes, out of nearly 3 million ballots. Republican Dino Rossi had led by 42 votes after the first recount.

There remain some 735 uncounted ballots that were "discovered" in King County after the recount was in progress. The state Supreme Court ruled yesterday that these should also be counted. Since King County is predominantly Democratic, it is assumed that these ballots will add to Gregoire's lead. It would be ironic if these disputed votes turned the tables once again. Gregoire called 42 votes a tie. It's clearly within the systems margin of error. Too bad there is no provision to have a runoff election, like they do in the civilized world.


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