Monday, December 06, 2004

Swedish Jeans Hazard To Cell Phones

Cellular-News bring us another survey of cell phone users. They asked 300 Swedish retailers for the top cell phone accidents. If number 2 is correct, I've really got to visit Sweden!
  1. Dropped the mobile on the ground.
  2. Squeezed the cellphone in tight jeans/pockets.
  3. Used the handset in the rain.
  4. Throw the device on the ground in rage.
  5. The dog/child got hold of the mobile.
  6. Dropped the cellphone in the toilet.
  7. Dropped the handset into the sea.
  8. Forgot the cellphone on the roof of the car.
  9. Perspiration on the mobile during workout.
  10. Dropped the handset in the snow.
Update: I don't normally add pictures, but this one on Gizmodo was too good to ignore ;)


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