Thursday, January 06, 2005

We Can See The Future

This is where I predict the future of the personal PC will go. A small module that you carry everywhere, containing the CPU, all your files, programs, entertainment, video, and communications. It will have basic I/O on the module (probably touchscreen and/or voice control), and when you want to do serious work it will plug into a dock or a portable frame allowing larger screens, keyboards, etc to be used. This PC being shown at CES, a similar concept earlier from IBM, and the Oqo aren't there yet, but it's a start. (The Oqo was a particular disappointment, as some of you know I was all hot to get one, then it just seemed to be too short of the mark.) Seems we are still a couple of years shy of catching up with the Pocket Computer that Larry Niven predicted in 1974.


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