Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Serenity Trailer Released

Fans of the murdered TV series Firefly will rejoice to know that the movie follow-on is approaching, and that the first trailer has been released. Unfortunately the trailer is still only available on the Apple site. I say unfortunately because the smaller versions are presented against a distracting poster for the movie, which is called Serenity by the way. To see the full screen version, you have to sign up for iTunes, which is a cheap shot on Apple's part. Which is too bad, because the graphic effects shown in the trailer are cool.

Serenity is the name of the spaceship that is the centerpiece for the series and movie. The ship is a Firefly class freighter. Why the series wasn't called Serenity to start with is a mystery. For those who missed the first incarnation, Firefly aired briefly on Fox in 2002. It was certainly (IMNSHO) opinion one of the best science fiction shows ever to be on TV. The physical design of the spaceship actually made sense! Fox screwed any chance the series had by airing episodes out of order, and putting it in an impossible time slot. Despite a grass roots effort to save the show, it was canceled even before all the episodes had aired. Which is odd, since Fox still had to pay for them. The full set of shows, in the correct order, is available on DVD.


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