Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Estne volumen in toga, an solum tibi libet me videre?

Very loosely translated: "Is that a computer in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" With apologies to Mae West.

Looks like the Oqo is finally approaching the light of day! They've been showing it off at CeBIT (which they've been doing for two years), but now the company is soliciting corporate beta testers. So there must be hardware to test.

This 4.9" x 3.4" x .9" computer is NOT a PDA, but a full blown system. Specs include a 1GHz TM5800 Crusoe processor, 20GB hard drive, 256MB RAM, 800 x 480 W-VGA 5" display, 802.11b, USB and Firewire! Early reviews here and here.

Don't know what you have to do to make the cut, but I'd certainly like to get my hands on one. Wonder if you can load Linux?


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