Tuesday, June 01, 2004

More Oqo Stuff

If you hadn't figured it out from my earlier posts, I'm hyped and waiting for the forthcoming Oqo to debut. Click on the picture below for video of a new interview with the company's CTO.

Some more tidbits have surfaced: The Oqo includes an accelerometer which detects if a free-fall condition is occurring, triggering the hard drive heads to park automatically, reducing the chance of disk damage.

Also, comments on Gizmodo notwithstanding, Linuxdevices.com reports that the Oqo should be able to run Linux just fine. I assume that someone has ported the kernel to the Transmeta CPU.

Finally, Oqo has been saying that the price will be <$2K. But Linuxdevices.com reports that the price will be more like $1,000-1,200.


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