Thursday, August 26, 2004

You're So Vain

Now I know what cameraphones are really for. According to DMEurope, Vodaphone UK polled 3,500 female customers to find out how they use the cameras in their phones. Results included:
  • 20 percent of mobile users send snaps of themselves in new outfits to friends to see if they like them.
  • 18 per cent take pictures of shoes or clothes on display for the same reason.
  • 5 per cent take pictures of snappy dressers that they see on the high street to copy their style.
  • 15 per cent frequently pull out their camera-phones to photograph the sides and backs of their hair,
  • 10 per cent use their camera-phones as a mirror to check their make-up.
  • 4 per cent even resort to getting the phone out in the middle of a restaurant after dinner - to check their teeth.
  • More than 20 per cent use their phone to capture details of a new property, and 15 per cent send pictures of new furnishings to partners to get their opinions.


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