Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Akubra May Soon Be Old Hat

Jackaroos, the Australian version of the cowboy, have traditionally worn the bush hat known as an Akubra. In a move to protect the Jackaroos against themselves, the New South Wales state government has issued safety rules that require anyone working on horseback to wear a helmet. This follows a case where a ranch owner was convicted and fined $96,000A ($72,000US) last month for failing to provide an employee, Daniel Croker, 23, with an equestrian helmet. Croker was killed when he was thrown from his horse and then dragged and trampled. How does a helmet protect you from being trampled?

Mal Peters, president of the New South Wales Farmers Association countered that there is no helmet a farmer can use when the temperature reaches 113 degrees. And, of course, if the Jackaroos switch from the standard wide-brimmed hat to a no-brim helmet that will all be at much higher risk for skin cancer.


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