Tuesday, March 29, 2005


In one of Vernor Vinge's novels, he mentions in passing 8086 equivalent computers that are less than an angstrom in size. The new Picotux covered on Linux Devices isn't quite that small. The Picotux from German electronics company Kleinhenz is barely larger than a standard RJ-45 Ethernet jack. It is based on a NetSilicon NS7520, and as small as it is includes 2MB or 4MB of Flash, 8MB RAM, a 10/100 Ethernet MII and ENDEC MAC, as well as a serial port, external memory controller, JTAG, and 13-channel DMA. Soon to come is the model shown, which has 802.11b wireless networking and a RP-SMA antenna port. Just imagine a few thousand of these in a massively parallel array.


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