Monday, March 28, 2005

Plot To Exterminate Parliament?

DalekWhen Scotsman Ken Meikle drove his homemade Dalek over Tower Bridge and up to Westminster Palace. British police went into full anti-terrorist mode, machine pistols and all. After all, the Dalek's battle cry is Exterminate, and this wouldn't be the first time the occupants of a police box have saved London from the Daleks! Fortunately, Meikle was able to convince them that his Dalek's cannon fired nothing more deadly than water. I suppose that's better than the traditional confetti. The Dalek, named "Jovie" is one of three he built for his brother, Gary, 36, who has Down's Syndrome, and Ken, a professional musician, hopes to use them to raise money for charity. The appearance was not directly tied to the upcoming return of Doctor Who to the small screen, which as far as I know still won't be seen in the U.S.


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