Monday, March 14, 2005

We Have Your Phone In Our Sights

Flexilis, a wireless think-tank based in Los Angeles, is out to demonstrate the vulnerability of Bluetooth communications. Toms Networking has a review of the Flexilis BlueSniper rifle, which can scan and attack Bluetooth devices from more than a mile away! The new Mk II version improves on range and portability over the original shown at Defcon 2004, and includes the fascinating Gumstix Waysmall Computer. As the name implies, the Gumstix is the size of a stick of gum, and fits into the magazine well of the rifle stock, eliminating the need for a separate computer.

The earlier rifle was held together with wire ties and rubber bands. The Mk II (my nomenclature) is bigger, stronger and more durable, and the antenna is almost twice a powerful. According to John Hering, from Flexilis, "The parts are easily available for a few hundred dollars and you can make this gun in a long afternoon." The article at Toms Networking has complete instructions. Anyone for an afternoon of Bluesnarfing?


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