Monday, May 30, 2005

Always Use Protection

From WebProNews: "And here's the Firefox poster that isn't going to run, at least for now (click on it for larger image):

"Why isn't it running? Because it might cause offense to some, according to comment in a post at Spread Firefox: Some time back over at, we started an effort to make a college poster to help spread Firefox. The results of this effort was a great poster that showed a rear view close-up of a person wearing bluejeans with a Firefox-wrapped condom in the hip pocket. The slogan was "Always use protection." Everyone involved loved it and we were days from taking it to print. The project was spiked because of concerns that it would offend some people. "

See also the article at Ironically, if you are using Firefox (or Mozilla), you'll have to turn off Adblock to see the pix.


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