Tuesday, August 10, 2004

CIA Welfare Posting?

One of the root causes of this country's problems, IMNSHO, is that we have created a class of people with no discernible skill except the ability to get themselves elected to cushy government posts. We then expect these same people to manage the country. People whose resumes wouldn't even make it past a standard HR buzzword scan.

Then, when those people get tired of chasing votes, their buddies appoint them to some plum job, Like an ambassador slot, the 9/11 commission, or most recently, head of the CIA. A quick scan of Mr. Goss's biography shows that he spent twelve years in the army or as a spook (they overlapped), three years at a newspaper, and then thirty years as a politician. While he seems to be intimately familiar with the intelligence community, where does he have the experience to manage an agency with a public budget of over $3 BILLION US and 17,000 employees?

Let's not even start on Mr. Bush's or Mr. Kerry's management experience, or lack thereof.


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