Sunday, September 05, 2004

Miss Universe's Outfit Goes Horribly Thong

In a move reminiscent of Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction", the recently selected Miss Universe recently bared almost all while modeling a Bora dress at the Sydney Fashion Show. Australian Jennifer Hawkins was walking down the runway when the dress got caught on the heel of her stiletto, and the 7Kg, $15,000US metallic lace dress ripped off and left her standing in a $6US red G-String from Bonds department store. Ms. Hawkins then calmly and gracefully walked off stage. She later said "It was just a pity I wasn't wearing better panties." The Australians seemed to handle the entire event with much more aplomb than their American cousins.

This is the second beauty pageant incident in a month. I earlier reported on the uproar when one of the Miss Norway contestants was found to have starred in several porn films.


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