Friday, September 24, 2004

"Never make predictions, especially about the future"

People predict presidential election results using all sorts of odd methods. Some of these include:
  • Height of the candidates - Since the advent of television in presidential races, the taller candidate has won every race except one
  • Hemlines - Short skirts mean Democrats, long skirts Republicans
  • Numerology - I won't even go there
  • Polling 1st through 12th graders - They've picked the winners for the last 50 years, except in 1960
  • How the Washington Redskins do in their last pre-election home game - They win, the incumbent wins. They lose .....
  • Bordeaux wine quality - Bad vintage year (like this year) usually means a Republican victory
  • Baseball World Series - National League wins, the Democrat wins. American League takes the title, the Republican wins
  • Fright mask sales - For the last 25 years, the candidate who sells the most masks also wins


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