Thursday, January 27, 2005

Legislature: "We Do Things To Piss People Off Every Day"

At the Washington State Capitol, people with concealed pistol licenses are allowed to keep their weapons even after going through the mandatory security screening. All 24 of them in the last three months. Now, State Senator Darlene Fairley (D-Lake Forest Park) wants to prohibit this practice. According to Fairley, "We do things to piss people off every day, we really do." Gee. maybe the better solution is not to piss people off!

In response, Sen. James Hargrove (D-Hoquiam) questioned why the law needed to change at the statehouse, Hargrove said that "He never knew of a case of a lawmaker being threatened with a gun." "Threatening somebody with a gun is illegal everywhere. Why would this be different than a grocery store or a park?"

Fairley also wants to ban .50 caliber weapons. After all, Kalifornia banned them, so it must be a good thing.


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