Friday, April 01, 2005

Galactica: Best Sci-Fi TV Ever?

Today's issue of Wired News has an article acclaiming Bellybutton Galactica as "Not merely great science fiction -- it's great TV." This is an April Fools joke, right? As I've implied here before, the new Galactica series is one of the worst pieces of drivel ever. It's nothing but a droll soap set in a spaceship. It's even worse than the eminently forgettable Lexx. It's worse than Star Trek Voyager, and that's pretty awful. The original Star Trek was called "Wagon Train with spaceships." I don't know that there has ever been a really great SF TV series, but the new BG sure ain't it!


At 8:28 PM, Blogger Axinar said...

Now you gotta admit the last minute of so of tonight's episode ought to get an Emmy ...

At 6:18 PM, Blogger Ben Klausner said...

It ought to get a Soap Opera Award.


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