Tuesday, September 28, 2004

After The Fox

Picture - Gemma's photo for The SunThe British Parliament has proposed a ban on fox hunting. You know, where rich folks dress up in funny clothes and chase a fox using horses and dogs all over the countryside. The rich people use the horses and dogs, the fox is on his own.

This has stirred up considerable controversy. People have been protesting, and
stable girl Gemma Richards of Shropshire is really standing out. First, she stripped to her bra in front of the Parliament building. She told reporters, "This proves how dedicated people are about hunting."” She also held a banner proclaiming: "This fine filly hunts. Don't ban what you don’'t understand.”"

For an encore, she decided to pose topless for the newspapers. Americans view Britain as being very straightlaced, but they have had topless models on page 3 of newspapers for decades, and no one thinks anything of it. Gemma posed for The Sun, the largest selling paper in the UK, to promote her protest. She ended up pushing the regular models off of page 3. She also ended up on page 1!

Her shepherd boyfriend, Stephen Williams said "I'm so proud of her." There are foxes, and then there are foxes.


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